Physics Permanent Placement

Location: West Virginia

Details:  West Virginia based client seeking an experienced Senior Medical Physicist to join their team. In this position you will ensure high standards in the planning, optimization, delivery and evaluation of radiation therapy. In this capacity you will also be responsible for ensuring the accurate and consistent performance of radiological equipment and for verifying the accuracy and adequacy of treatment plans and dose calculations. As the Senior Oncology Physicist you will coordinate the work of Oncology Physicists in the designated area of responsibility, and will be the first resource for the Oncology Physicists when assistance is needed.

Specific duties include, but are not limited to:

    • Ensures that all radiation oncology treatment and simulation machines, and all sealed brachytherapy sources, are correctly calibrated according to accepted protocols. Implements a comprehensive program for quality control of the radiation-producing equipment to assure their constant acceptable performance, for patient safety and treatment efficacy.
    • Assists the Director of Medical Physics with determining technical specifications for selection of new equipment, supervising the installation of new equipment, performing acceptance testing upon completed installation, and measuring performance parameters to ensure the accurate clinical implementation of new equipment.
    • Implements and quality assures appropriate procedures for the planning and delivery of radiotherapy, including technical specifications / tolerances as well as the flow of procedures entailed in the process, including the supervision and QC review of treatment plans and dose calculations.
    • Works collaboratively with the Director of Medical Physics to provide a positive, supportive and professional environment for Physics Division employees; ensures clear performance goals and consistent performance evaluations based on these goals and all applicable human resource standards. Coordinates with the Director of Medical Physics to oversee Physics Division activities in the designated area of responsibility, to ensure consistently high quality of work and allocation of resources as needed to meet workload and deadlines.
    • Works collaboratively with the Director of Medical Physics to assess potential and confirmed new clinical sites to determine the current state of the center(s) and appropriate equipment and process improvements.
    • Manages a comprehensive system for error prevention, including a method to learn from incidents (including “near misses”) with a focus on improving the process to minimize the risk of future incidents; ensures that clinical and physics procedures are subjected to a risk-informed assessment designed to minimize risks to patient and staff.
    • Serves as a resource for training and continuing education for all Radiation Oncology staff.

Position Requirements:

    • Master's Degree required
    • Minimum 10 years full-time experience as a radiation oncology medical physicist, including clinical experience with linac calibrations and QC, treatment planning system QC and routine use, sealed isotope therapy and radiation safety, IMRT planning and delivery, computer systems quality control, and medical physics program documentation..
    • Certification required in Therapeutic Radiological Physics or Radiologic Physics by the American Board of Radiology, American Board of Medical Physics, or the Canadian College of Physics in Medicine


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