Why should I use a recruiter?
With Cancer CarePoint you will have freedom, flexibility, and control over your schedule and a dedicated team who tends to your needs. We have locum tenens and permanent placement jobs nationwide. Not only do we negotiate the best compensation on your behalf, we can also prepare you for site visits.

How can you help me prepare for my next job?
For each locum tenens assignment, we can arrange your travel, housing and assist with any necessary hospital privileges. We will even process a license application for you to facilitate working on an assignment. For permanent placement, we work closely with you to identify your professional needs and present you with the opportunities that match your search criteria. Once you have been presented for a position, we update you regularly on the status. Should you be asked to interview, we will handle all of the details, from arranging your travel to planning your itinerary.

Why should I take a locum tenens assignment?
Locum tenens is a great way to explore different practice opportunities and locations while gaining a variety of experience and enjoying a flexible schedule. Providers who work with Cancer CarePoint enjoy nationwide opportunities while remaining in complete control of their ever-changing schedules. As a locum tenens provider, you are free to provide as many or as few weeks of coverage as you wish.

Will I have malpractice insurance while I am on a temporary assignment?
Absolutely. Cancer CarePoint offers our providers the highest quality occurrence-based insurance coverage in the industry from Medical Protective. This offers protection indefinitely. In contrast, Claims-Made policies only offer coverage for the duration of the policy. This can be risky and expensive if you are not in control of deciding whether or not to maintain the policy. Occurrence-based insurance offers security, even in times of economic uncertainty. For example, if the locum tenens agency through which you provide coverage happens to be acquired or unexpectedly exits the industry, and that agency offers a claims-made policy, you could be left without tail coverage.

How do I find out more about Government Jobs?
Government jobs are temporary or permanent opportunities which accept a license from any state. Let us know that you are interested in a government job and we can contact you when one becomes available. Learn more >

Do you help me with licensing?
Yes. If you need a license for a locum tenens assignment, our licensing coordinator will assist you every step of the way. In most cases, these licenses are paid for by the client. If a license is for a permanent position, we can help you obtain that as well. We also offer a licensing service for a fee if you are simply interested in expanding your portfolio of licensure. With this service, leave the follow-up calls and verifications to us!