Government Contracts

Cancer CarePoint, Inc. – Federal Government Contract Holder Since 2005

For the healthcare provider, federal government jobs provide an array of flexible and stable assignments across the United States. Medical treatment facilities include: VA Healthcare System, Department of Defense, military bases, correctional systems, and other federal agencies.

There are many benefits for candidates to work in federal government facilities. You can use one unrestricted U.S. state license for credentialing in any facility (the license does not have to be in the state where the facility is). Plus, with government assignments, there are a wide range of opportunities available: everything from quaint facilities in rural towns to state of the art facilities in big cities. Most importantly, it is a great opportunity to serve those who have served us over the years.

Most government contracts require physicians to be enrolled in VetPro (their centralized verification application). Once you apply with VetPro, it makes for easier privileging at other future government locum tenens opportunities.