Medical Protective Insurance

Cancer CarePoint offers its providers the highest quality occurrence-form insurance coverage in the industry. Occurrence-form insurance from Medical Protective offers protection indefinitely. In contrast, claims-made policies only offer coverage for the duration of the policy. This can be risky and expensive if you are not in control of deciding whether or not to maintain the policy. Occurrence form insurance offers security, even in times of economic uncertainty. For example, if the locum tenens agency through which you provide coverage happens to be acquired or unexpectedly exits the industry, and that agency offers a claims-made policy, you could be left without tail coverage.

Cancer CarePoint chose Medical Protective because of its financial strength and history. As the nation's oldest medical malpractice insurer, Medical Protective is licensed and admitted in all fifty states and is also protected by each state's Insurance Insolvency Guaranty Fund. As one of a select few recruiting firms to offer this coverage, Cancer CarePoint is proud of Medical Protective's confidence in our company and our locum tenens services.

Specialties include: Dosimetry, Hematology, Medical Oncology, Medical Physics, Radiation Oncology, and Radiation Therapy.