One of the key differentiators of Cancer CarePoint is the quality, depth and breadth of our search process. Developed over years of delivering high-level retained searches, this process has been constantly refined to its current state. It is this process and the results it delivers that differentiate us from both contingent search firms and other retained firms.

Our philosophy is based upon the belief that our job is to not only identify top quality candidates, but also to thoroughly screen them prior to presenting them to our clients. Our screening process is second to none in both scope and depth. Utilizing extensive proprietary tools and processes combined with the extensive experience of our consultants, we focus candidate quality versus candidate quantity.

The following is an overview of the phases of our process:

  • Phase 1 – Definition of the Job: This phase is based on the completion of the Profile Questionnaire. This tool developed by Cancer CarePoint is used as a framework to assist our clients in defining the role of the proposed position as well as the type of individual desired. Once the client completes the profile we then work with you to fully define the job, responsibilities, requirements and personal attributes being targeted in the search.
  • Phase 2 – The Formal Job Outline and Decision Matrix: Based on the data gathered from Phase 1, a Formal Job Specification is developed. This document is used both internally and as a sales tool to present the position and company as professionally and accurately as possible. The document also includes the information on the client, responsibilities, practice details, and history as well as a comprehensive description of the position.
  • Phase 3 – The Search Strategy: Using the information gathered from our clients, we develop a strategy to identify the best candidates as well as the best way to market the opportunity. This step is particularly critical to the search process as it is essential that we be able to capture candidate interest during our initial contact.
  • Phase 4 – Our approach to mass marketing our clients opportunity includes:
    • In-house Database – Cancer CarePoint has developed a comprehensive recruit database with almost 100,000 oncology professionals.
    • Established Candidate Recruit Base – We take pride in the longstanding relationships we have cultivated over the years with our recruits. Cancer CarePoint works with numerous candidates who are actively searching for a new career. We begin by contacting these recruits and presenting your opportunity.
    • Mass Email Campaigns – Once we have the formal job outline completed a mass email will be sent to our specialty specific recruit database. In addition, weekly emails will be sent for all open opportunities.
    • Target Marketing – Many of our clients require specific skills sets, training, or experience needed for their search. Cancer CarePoint can customize a strategy and target group of recruits based on required need of client with our comprehensive database and industry knowledge.
    • Cancer CarePoint Website – Opportunities are posted on our website.
    • Internet – With over 15 years of industry knowledge and oncology specific presence Cancer CarePoint has a strong internet presence.
    • Conventions – Cancer CarePoint attends several national conventions each year.
    • Cold Calling – Our comprehensive database allows us to call recruits during and after hours to market our client opportunities.
  • Phase 5 – Research and Initial Screening: During this phase, we develop our initial pool of candidates through extensive research and networking. Once identified, we speak with each candidate to assess the level of fit and interest in the job. Based on these conversations, the pool of candidates is reduced and a target list of the best candidates is developed.
  • Phase 6 – Presentation: Following the initial screening process, all candidates are presented to you for review and consideration. Presentations will include candidate's curriculum vitae, and an overview of qualifications.
  • Phase 7 – Client Interviews: Following the presentation process, all selected candidates are scheduled for telephone interviews. If candidates are of interest to clients, we then schedule on-site interviews. Cancer CarePoint will assist with travel arrangements.
  • Phase 8 – Reference Checking: Once you have identified your top-tier candidates, we complete reference checking. All references are contacted and questioned in-depth. Reference Forms will be sent to clients to allow you to make your final choice.
  • Phase 9 – Targeting and Selecting the Best Candidate: Based on all of the input from both our client and our own research, the client then selects the top candidate. Our role is to assist you in making the best decision through the application of all data collected, our opinions, candidate feedback/perceptions of your organization, and the feedback from the reference checks. Once everything is reviewed and presented you choose the best candidate.
  • Phase 10 – The Offer: This is one of the most critical phases in the search process. Our job is to help you understand what it will take to close the deal in today's market conditions as well as in the expectations of the candidate. Based on this data, we work with you to build an offer defining the base salary, bonus structure, equity and any other pertinent issues that will satisfy both parties.
  • Phase 11 – Negotiating the Deal: Our role is to be the "go-between" for both parties in the negotiation phase of the deal. It is our job to help you and the candidate feel a part of a "win win" hiring situation. We believe it essential that everyone involved feels this way. After all, this is why you hired us.
  • References Available Upon Request